Doodling with a visual alphabet

I thought to offer a doodling idea for today

Below, you’ll find a visual alphabet – basically all the shapes you need in order to doodle.

You’ll need a piece of paper for your design and a ten centimetre square piece of paper to make a frame from.

For the frame, fold the paper in half, fold it again so that it makes a smaller square. From the corner where all the folds meet cut out a one centimetre square – this will leave you with a two centimetre square in the middle of your frame.

You’ll build up your doodle in small blocks using the frame.

I filled the one above with all the shapes from the alphabet in a different formation.

You might also try putting one shape or a few shapes in each block, changing these as you build your doodle up block by block.

If there are spaces between the blocks you can “knit” them together using different shapes from the alphabet.

Then you have something to colour – which changes everything.


5 thoughts on “Doodling with a visual alphabet

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