Remembering our future

One may think of metamorphosis as the principle by which creative energy is saved from being bound in static forms*
(M. C. Richards)

The truth about who you are lies not at the root of the tree but rather at the tips of the branches, the thousand tips.**
(Lewis Hyde)

There’s never been a more important moment in recent history for us to remember or discover that we are all innovative creatures.

Whoever we are and what we are doing, this is not it.

What we need for the journey already exists within us and can grow out.

I’m borrowing Lewis Hyde’s words to make a different point to the one he makes.^

We each have thousands of growing tips so may we each set our energy free and grow and become.^^

*From M. C. Richards’ Centering;
**From Lewis Hyde’s A Primer for Forgetting;
^Lewis Hyde is referring to the thousands of forgotten people in a genealogical tree, rather than the remembered one at the roots
^^The image of the tree is also an important reminder that innovation is often small slow alterations and improvements.

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