Opening stories

Stories are what we use to understand the universe, and our place within it.*
(Hugh Macleod)

The world is alive, generous, and within patiently for us to figure it out.**
(Tom De Blasis)

How’s your story unfolding?

Richard Rohr reflects:

Spiritual maturity is largely a growth in seeing, and full seeing seems to take most of your lifetime, with a huge leap in the final years.^

While we may think we can manipulate the universe, and to a certain extent we can, the universe opens to the one who is willing to see, who understands it is what it is whether there’s anyone around trying to capture, mine, drill, melt, or eat it.

This is a different kind of seeing, arising through humility rather than pride, openness rather than forcefulness: that is, not forcing our will upon the other, but opening our will to what is wanting to emerge between ourselves and the other.

I mention the will because more than thinking and feeling, doing is what opens us to the possibility of being changed:

once we’ve had an experience we don’t go back to the way that we were before that experience^^.

Which brings us back to our story, connecting us to today and all things and people within it.

A little journaling at the beginning of the day can be a great way to connect us with the story we want to fins ourselves within and to give expression to as it unfolds before us.

*gapingvoid: Love in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 2;
**Tom De Blasis‘ letter to young readers from Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick’s A Velocity of Being;
^From Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward;
^^Taryn Marie, quoted in Bernadette Jiwa’s What Great Storytellers Know.

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