Any work environment in which people feel like they need to lie, hide and fake their anxieties, mistakes or gaps in training for her of getting in trouble, humiliated or losing their job undermines the very things that allow people to build trust.*
(Simon Sinek)

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.**
(Jesus of Nazareth)

Peace is not only meant to be a lack of anxiety and trouble and conflict, but also the presence of prospering and growth.

A field of possibility.

Who wouldn’t want to prosper and grow?

But where does peace come from?

How do we develop it?

What are the qualities for a person of peace?

I’ve got a vested interest: my name Geoffrey means “peace of God.”

So I’m wondering how I can live into my name.

Concerned with long-term rather than short- or near-term possibilities, peace is an expression of an infinite game.

Here are a few things that came to mind when I considered the person of peace.

We can sit a while with the five elemental truths and consider how:

Life is hard
We are not as special as you think
Our lives are not about us
We are not in control
We are going to die.

We may also reflect on what these words mean to us and what we’d have to do to align ourselves with them:


How have we been developing our:

Physical flexibility
Emotional flexibility
Mental flexibility
Spiritual flexibility?

Are we becoming more:


Towards all of these, how are we developing our:


A person of peace opens a field of possibility in which they and others may flourish.

It doesn’t happen without intention expressed in time and effort and perseverance.

A person of peace is not unquestioning, rather the opposite, knowing which form of inquiry to use of themselves or of another, whether:

Humble inquiry: maximum curiosity and openness
Diagnostic inquiry: trying to understand something
Confrontational inquiry: trying out an opposing thought
Process-orientated inquiry: what is the best way to work with questions.

All the time, the person of peace is trying to figure out an be someone who provides a place for another to flourish or to be the kind of space to another to flourish, or to help create a larger space for more to thrive.

*From Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game;
**John 14:27.

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