The hidden path

What you love to do will grow with you, so long as you stay true to who you are and allow yourself to change and develop freely.*
(Hugh Macleod)

Pay attention to the world, and train yourself to notice the details that others miss.**
(Rohit Bhargava)

For each of us there is a path that bears our name.

Hidden to others, it must not become hidden to us for in the complexity of life it helps us to maintain our direction and purpose, to see our big picture.

We find the path by listening.

By paying deep attention, we stay connected with the fullness of our lives.

Following the path shapes the path – it is not predetermined – and is why we must pay it deep attention.

Rohit Bhargava’s five habits of curation work well for detailing this attention. It is curious, observant, fickle, thoughtful and elegant.

From these I deduce that I must notice what I am most fascinated by but in such a way as not to get stuck on certain things whilst missing others, turning my mind and heart towards all that stands out the most, and out of these crafting beautiful things, ideas, relationships.

*From gapingvoid’s blog: Life without dissonance;
**From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2019.

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