The calling

If you come, we can build this together.*
(Bernadette Jiwa)

Calling is a human experience.

Everyone has at least one calling in their lifetime.

They can be heard, missed or ignored.

Last year I placed these two texts side by side, one about explanation, the other enlightenment:

Explanation is an antagonistic encounter that succeeds by defeating an opponent. It possesses the same dynamic of resentment found in other finite play. I will press my explanations on you because I need to show that do to life in the error that I think others think I do.**

It should be obvious that those who live enlightenment lives have demonstrated a unique ability to lear from everyone and everything.^

Over the years of dreamwhispering I’ve noticed that those who gain the most co-create their experience with me – we are both enlightened, an infinite game. Not “Let me do that for you,” but “Let’s create this together.”

*From Bernadette Jiwa’s Hunch;
**From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games;
^From Erwin McManus’ Uprising.

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