The caret

I’m just doing my job. But what if you weren’t? What if you replaced “doing” with “improving” or “reinventing” or “transforming”?*
(Seth Godin)

A caret is a v-shaped grapheme (usually inverted and extended) used to indicate where a word or three need(s) inserting into a line of text. I often use ⁁ but hadn’t known what it was called.

I disturb a line with “⁁” and add the additional words above or below the line. It looks messy but the line makes more sense when all the words are present.

My dreamwhispering work with many people has shown me how life also comes with the possibility of using a caret when we discern that there’s something missing.

Most of the things missing will only cost us in terms of time. Even those we may need to pay for end up being ridiculously low-priced relative to how important they are.

The messiness is real cost, though, and it can be too much for some to pay – wanting our lives always to appear tidy in front of others can be a higher price to pay.

*From Seth Godin’s blog: I’m just doing my job.

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