Humble truth

The path forward is about curiosity, generosity, and connection. These are the three foundations of art.*
(Seth Godin)

Humility is a seeking of truth: the truth of who we are and what we do in relationship to others, the world, ourselves, god, ideas, things. And there’s a lot more truth in each of us than we allow:

other thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that could benefit others and ourselves but don’t fit the story**.

Identify your curiosity and you will discover your generosity, discover your generosity and you will build connection – what catches you attention and draws you in, what are the values, talents and energies that accompany this from which you make things for others that they need?

Obversely, connect with others and you will be led to your generosity, led to your generosity, you will find your curiosity – what are the needs of those you connect to, how would you like to meet these needs from your values, talents and energies, what is it that you notice to feed these?

(*From Seth Godin’s The Practice.)
(**From Steven Hayes’ A Liberated Mind.)

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