Don’t worry, keep practising

Worrying is the quest for a guarantee, all so we can find the confidence to press on. […] Reassurance is futile […] There will never be enough.*
(Seth Godin)

And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?**
(Jesus of Nazerath)

The alternative to worrying is to get on with our work, that is the contribution we have determined to bring into the world. We have been developing a practice towards this – we may just need to see it for what it is and keep developing it:

The practice is choice plus skill plus attitude. We can learn it and we can do it again.*

What have we chosen to do? What are our talents? What must we stick with each day? This is our practice. It’s a heady brew.

When we are overwhelmed, when we are distracted, when we face the negative thoughts, it is where we need to bring ourselves back to.

There are no guarantees, but if the alternative is to worry instead of practising, one outcome is certain. When we return to our work, though, there is something powerful about the practice and that produces hope in us, and hope always outweighs worry.

I’ll be sharing a little more about how you can identify and hone your practice; watch this space.

(*From Seth Godin’s The Practice.)
(**Matthew 6:27)

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