Transform, why don’t you?

Curation is the ultimate method of transforming noise into meaning.*
(Rohit Bhargava)

What will matter more than what just happened is what we decide to do with where we are, daily, persistently, generously, for the next 3,650 days.**
(Seth Godin)

Life happens because of the magic of transformation that is to be found everywhere. For a biggy, think photosynthesis.

We are transforming species, turning this into that, yet we can miss the reality that we too can be transformed through life, instead becoming trapped within one form that may not satisfy us, sometimes for years, sometimes for tens of years, sometimes for a lifetime.

Yet, if we borrow the metaphor of a museum for our lives, we have so much more stored in our vaults and that may be brought out into the light of day to tell a different and more compelling story, arranged and enhanced – which is what curation is all about. If we do this then we’ll find that we are also able to replenish our stores with new ideas and dreams and possibilities and relationships that we come upon:

To get a different output sometimes you need a different input.*

This phenomenon of transformation is what Seth Godin is imagining over the next ten years of his life, yet it is capable of carrying us until the day we die. We are at the beginning of the first instalment of this – the next 365 days. How would you like to transform your story?

I offer dreamwhispering as a particular way for making this possible.

(*From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2019.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog: 2030.)

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