More than you know

Nothing is one thing. […] If you’re focusing on the part of your day that was just “fine,” then you’re ignoring the parts that were a miracle, or disappointing or thrilling.*
(Seth Godin)

May you discover you are more than you know.

Make a note whenever you are really energised by something, what you are doing, why you are doing it, who you are doing it with or for, and when you are doing it. In a few weeks you may have twenty to thirty different things on your list, probably small, but these are the best ones and will lead into worlds of possibility.

I’ll be exploring more of what things like this can mean in 2021, especially for those who have found themselves left by the pandemic without work. Spread the word.

In the meantime, however you will be celebrating at this time of year, may it be rich and meaningful.

I’ll be back shortly, but in the meantime, I’m posting pages from something I put together earlier in the year,

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Nothing is one thing.)

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