What makes you light up?

There are infinitely many kinds of beautiful lives.*
(Maria Popova)

Genius is looking at things in an unhabitual way.**
(Corita Kent)

Whatever it is that lights you up – with curiosity, interest, pushing in deeper, leaping, failing, starting over, commitment – that is the light of your attention we all can benefit from.

You need to not only figure out what kind of light is yours but make sure you do not cover it up or hide it away. Let it be your identity and bring it to others:

Julia Cameron’s morning pages help unlock something inside. Not the muse or a magic mystical power, but simply the truth of your chosen identity. If you do something creative each day, you’re now a creative person. Not a blocked person, not a striving person, not an untalented person. A creative person.^

I take from these words of Seth Godin that to begin the day with some journaling about your light identity is a good place to start because your are owning it, but it will also identify moves you can actually make happen. Journal about your light and then shine … for someone or somemany.

(*From Maria Popova’s Figuring.)
(*From Corita Kent and Jan Snowden’s Learning By Heart.)
(^From Seth Godin’s The Practice.)

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