An assumption of unlikeliness

You were born ready to make art. But we’ve been brainwashed into believing that you can’t trust yourself enough to do so.*
(Seth Godin)

I’m unlikely to be chosen.
There are more likely candidates.
It’s unlikely to work.
It’s unlikely to be noticed.
It’s unlikely to make a difference.
It’s unlikely to get off the ground.

We make assumptions of unlikeliness when it comes to the gift we long to bring into the world and so we stop before we start. It’s why Milton Glaser asserts, while any can be an artist few are:

One of the problems with art is that it is self-anointing: Anyone can be an artist by simply pointing to themselves and saying so. The truth is that there are very few artists. [Making the world a better place through art] is the highest attainment of the socialisation. It is to recognise that it is not all bout you, and that you have a communal function you can serve to help everyone get along. This is important for people to understand, especially in a capitalist society.**

We must find the assumption. All of us are called but few will choose ourselves.

But we can.

(*From Seth Godin’s The Practice.)
(**Milton Glaser, quoted in Seth Godin’s The Practice.)

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