What does life expect of me?

As a charge of electricity leaps from pole to pole in a magnet, so the spark of life ignites across the gap between self and reality. With this flash of energy, we ignite the power of story.*
(Robert McKee)

As long as one attains redemption only in his self, he cannot do any good or harm to the world; he doesn’t not concern it. Only he that believes in the world achieves contact with it; and if he commits himself he also cannot remain godless.**
(Martin Buber)

I wasn’t going to begin with these quotes, but they caught my eye for what they appear to share about life-in-all-its-fullness being found between the self and the reality of the world.

Here are the quotes I was going to begin with:

The warrior never fights out of anger; they fight only out of honour. They never fight to conquer: they fight only to liberate. The warrior fights against evil so that good may prevail. Wisdom is revealed by what a person fights for. If you fight for yourself, you have given yourself too small a thing. The warrior fights against injustice, against poverty, against despair, against depression.^
(Erwin McManus)

Everything depends on the individual human being, regardless of the number of like-minded people there is, and everything depends on each person, through action and not mere words, creatively making the meaning of life a reality in his or her own being.^^
(Viktor Frankl)

Evil manifests itself in many forms and places. Erwin McManus remarks on how wisdom is revealed when we fight for something: wisdom is life-in-all-its-fullness, not only what we know and what we feel, but what we do.

There will be something life is calling you to; this makes sense of what Viktor Frankl is reflecting on soon after surviving the Nazi work and death camps:

the question can no longer be What can I expect from life? but can only be What does life expect of me? What task in life is waiting for me?^^

We are noticing life’s greatest need calling to our deepest joy, the thing we have been preparing ourselves to make a difference in.

This is different for each of us, but I believe in the self-organising nature of life, that if we identify what matters most of all to us and action it, the world will change.

What’s yours, the meaningful thing that will bring you joy, that sparks into life between your imagination and reality?

For me, it is that people are far more than they know, but, too often, they believe the voices that tell them they have nothing to give, or they can only be this or that but no more.

It’s why I want to help people to explore more of who they are through my Go Live Your Strengths project; get in touch to find out more.

(*From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: What is the Substance of a Story?)
(**From Martin Buber’s I and Thou.)
(^From Erwin McManus’ The Way of the Warrior.)
(^^Viktor Frankl, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Yes to Life, In Spite of Everything.)

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