Before books, we had people

People think they think, but it’s not true. It’s mostly self-criticism that passes for thinking True thinking is rare – just like true listening. Thinking is listening to yourself. It’s difficult. To think, you have to be at least two people at the same time. Then you have to let those people disagree. Thinking is an internal dialogue between two or more different views of the world.*
(Jordan Peterson)

Reading is an act of contemplation, perhaps the only act in which we allow ourselves to merge with the consciousness of another human being.**
(David Ulin)

I am listening to you
share your story,
as you hear it in a new way,
making new discoveries,
new connections,
new possibilities.

Deep listening
making it possible
for us to meet
in new ways:
meeting our self,
meeting each other.

(*From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life.)
(**From David Ulin’s The Lost Art of Reading.)

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