A prayer for the same old same old

In their intense meditation the hidden sound of things approaching reaches them and they listen reverently while in the street outside the people hear nothing at all.*
(Nassim Taleb)


Save me from
my wandering with no purpose,

Dissuade me from
my gazing into I don’t know where,

Put me off
times alone in wondering,

Prevent me from
falling into silence away from all that busily presses in,

Protect me from
noticing the richness that fills each moment and space –

Else I may discover
my curiosity and imagination,

Hear the hidden things
and see all that can be,

Woe betides if
I recover my energy, within,

Reinspire my work without
and be be fully present with whoever, doing whatever.

Please, I pray,
Keep me to this narrow way I bemoan each day.

(*From Nassim Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness, reflecting on those who are wise.)

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