Whatever you do, don’t think of an elephant

If you’re blessed with imagination, it’s part of your job to bring better images to the world.*
(Austin Kleon)

Imagination is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and more expansive it becomes.

We’re helped to forget at a young age that we all have imaginations – you may have noticed that it isn’t taught in school.

If you can create a picture in your mind you have imagination. In fact, it likely that you use it hundreds of times a day for everyday things, l such as going shopping (what picture just flashed into your mind?).

It just needs to be used for more than the everyday. A good place to begin is with your curiosity. Notice it, wander around it, wander wherever it leads …

Before you know it, you’re a recovering unimaginative.

(*From Austin Kleon’s blog: How to talk to someone with a missing imagination.)

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