What’s that in the way?

It’s time to let go. It might even be time to sacrifice what you love best, so that you can become who you might become, instead of staying who you are.*
(Jordan Peterson)

Our mistake […] is our inability to be ambitious for each day.**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

It is quite possible that we hold onto as the best is less than we are capable of.

It is not by accident that we write stories, legends and myths that speak to us of something more lying beyond what we know and have. For as long as humans have been exploring their higher consciousness, they have wondered about who they are and what they can achieve.

Jordan Peterson, whose words open today’s post, writes,

The price you pay for that utility, that specific focused direction, is blindness to everything else [(…] getting what we currently want can make us blind to higher callings). […] Since you’ve ignored so much, there is plenty of possibility left where you have not yet looked.*

The places we have been ignoring or avoiding are the very places we should be looking. The very thing in the way may be what we are doing every day and we need to follow our curiosity into something more.

Let’s slow down enough to notice our curiosity and then follow it where it leads.

(*From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life.)
(**From The Story of Telling: On Ambition.)

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