The common thread

Curation is where acts of selecting and arranging add value. […] At its broadest curation is a way of managing abundance.*
(Michael Bhaskar)

Will you bring all of your gifts and talents out into the open and be grateful for them?

You have so many.

Some you have focused on and others are already dismissed. Yet more are of little or no interest and they have almost disappeared into the background. But there are some you haven’t even noticed, possibly because you, or others, don’t have the right words for them.

Curation makes something magical happen to all of them, selecting and arranging and bringing new value – another word for which is story, a common thread full of possibility.

This is my work and I want to make it available to others at this most difficult of times, especially young people facing unemployment. I can’t offer a job centre or careers service but I can help you to explore all the gifts and talents that you are and help you in your imagining of what may be possible.

I’ll be posting more about this in coming days, but if you are interested to find out more then drop me a line at

(*From Michael Bhaskar’s Curation.)

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