The imposition

But it starts with a whisper, a call from somewhere far away.*
(Elle Luna)

I wasn’t looking for it, coming as it did like a knock on a door.

It was the whisper of a question asking what it was I did well and should be focusing on some ten or eleven years into my work.

The world is full of whispers like this and, because they feel like an imposition from who knows where, we can easily ignore them

Except I didn’t and for this I am very glad – I wouldn’t be where I am, doing the things I love to do – where I live, and what I live for as Henry David Thoreau put it.

When I opened that “door,” allowing the whisper in, I not only found there to be so many whispers I could not respond to them all, but also realised my life had also been whispering to me – I simply hadn’t taken any notice.

There’ll be many more whispers to respond to so I’m not going to call where I am a destination, rather I am still moving on my slow journey in the same direction.

(*From Elle Luna’s essay: The Crossroads of Should and Must.)

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