Help, not hinder

what people want to do is take action (or not take action) that reinforces their internal narratives*
(Seth Godin)

Yesterday, I wrote about the purpose identified where our deepest joy meets the world’s deepest need.

There is a way or path running through the heart of each person, it is the thing they most want to do to make the world better.

The rest of us can help towards this, or get in the way.

If you prefer the former, here are some things you can do:

Ask the people you come across to share their purpose or vision;
Ask them about their talents and abilities that have taken them from the beginning of this journey to here;

Help them to deepen their value and understanding of what it is they seek to bring;
Assist in the development and articulation of their core values;
Inquire how to be a part of this.

(*From Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.)

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