The calling

There’s a gap in the market where your version of better can make a welcome change happen. […] Yes, you have a calling: to serve people in a way that they need (or want). The opportunity is for each of us to choose a path and follow that, nor for our own benefit, but because of what it can produce for others.*
(Seth Godin)

What do you care about? What kind of work serves you? What do you need? What do you want?**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

A calling rarely arrives within as some tub-thumping, light-show of sudden certainty, more as a growing conviction of how we can serve others in accord with who we are.

It will demand everything, but as Bernadette Jiwa reminds us, we need to also attend to how our calling serves us … for the long run, the life-run.

Frederick Buechner’s summing up of calling or propose, then, remains one of the best I’ve come upon: we find our purpose where our deepest joy meets the world’s deepest need.

Here are some reflective exercises to help:

Connect to your purpose and calling, finding different ways to express it: words and images;
Recognise and find joy in the strengths that have brought you to this;
Grow your understanding of the uniqueness of what you bring;
Identify and develop your core values;
Make your new insights and developments available to others.

(*From Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.)
(**From The Story of Telling: Needs and Wants.)

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