Listening to trees

Or if the root has perished, living seeds are in the soil, ready to begin the cycle of life afresh. Nowhere more than here is life proved invincible. Everything is against it, but it pays no heed.*
Nan Shepherd)

Thoreau took his guests into nature. I think of this as his fourth chair, his most philosophical one. These days, the way things have gotten philosophical causes us to confront how we have used technology to create a second nature, an artificial one.**
(Sherry Turkle)

Yesterday, I had both optician and dentist appointments Although at different times of day and in different directions, I decided to walk to both, reckoning this wouldn’t take me much longer than travelling by bus.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with one walk being by a main road but with plenty of trees around, the other taking me through the grounds of a hospital, grounds still full of the original woodland of the site.

These were simple opportunities to have conversations with nature.

Here are some themes nature would have conversations with us on:

Life is interdependent: everything and everyone is linked to everything and everyone else.

Life is crammed full of seeds, so go forth and multiply.

Life understands the obstacle to be the way, so use it to your advantage.

Life doesn’t waste anything: everything in your life is useful, even if it perhaps isn not useful to you.

Life isn’t a monoculture, but is often a conversation between opposites.

Life is functional, explore your purpose, be fruitful.^

(*From Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.)
(**From Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation.)
(^See the biotic principles outlined in Christian Schwarz’s Natural Church Development Handbook.)

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