The revealing story

storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and what we want*
(Toni Morrison)

Apps can give us a number; only people can provide a narrative. Technology can expose mechanism; people have to find meaning.**
(Sherry Turkle)

Yesterday, I wrote about how imagination needs reality – because our personal stories are not necessarily the truth, but also how reality needs imagination – because it can be altered (through foresight, intention and love).

Only humans can imaginatively and creatively dwell in the space formed by reality and imagination. Technology, at this moment in time, cannot.

One of the technologies I use in my dreamwhispering work with people is Clifton Strengths. I have worked with more than 500 people using this means of identifying our talents and abilities. It’s a brilliant tool, but I know it’s the conversations that follow the analysis results where everything comes alive, becoming a story that is about who we are and what we want to do in the completeness of our lives, not simply finding our next best job.

(*Toni Morrison, source lost.)
(**From Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation.)

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