Living contradictions

Many powerful organisations fear a truth teller. They work hard to avoid being confronted by an individual who sees the world as it is and by a person who cares enough to change things.*
(Seth Godin)

Inner scorecards are essential for individuals and organisations alike. What are you proud of that others would find unremarkable?**
(Bernadette Jiwa)

There’s a lot of information and knowledge out there that people measure and score in all kinds of ways. And we may not figure in all of this.

What is most important is try to find out more about ourselves and to do something with this.

We overestimate the importance of the things others measure and underestimate what matters to us. The best way is to try it out and see what happens:

Commitment, sacrifice, boldness and confrontation.^

By the way, I’ve just been reminded this morning that we perhaps know about 6% of everything that exists. Something to remember before we get all clever about something out there or in here.

(*From Seth Godin’s What To Do It’s Your Turn.)
(From Bernadette Jiwa’s The Story of Telling Blog: The Inner Scorecard.)
(^Tim DeChristopher, quoted in Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)

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