I see I do not see I see I do not see

The changing of focus in the eye, moving the eye itself when looking at things that do not move, deepens one’s sense of outer reality. Then static things might be caught in the very act of becoming. By so simple a matter, too, as altering the position of one’s head, a different kind of world may be made to appear. Lay the head down, or better still, face away from what you look at, and bend with straddled legs till you see your world upside down. How new it has become.*
(Nan Shepherd)

It’s always been my philosophy to try to make art out of the everyday and ordinary … it never occurred to me to leave home to make art.**
Sally Mann)

Maybe you just haven’t found the best way to look at the thing you’re needing to focus on. Perhaps, then, there’ll be more to see.

(*From Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.)
(**Sally Mann, quoted in Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)

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