Do you really want to see that?

It’s as true today as it ever was: He who seeks beauty will find it.*
(Bill Cunningham)

Imagining possible futures is also where we must face both our deepest fears and greatest hopes.**
(Alex McManus)

Some refuse to see any more than they presently able to; they experience their sight narrowing over time

Others want to see but realise that in seeing comes the responsibility for doing and so they seriously reduce their looking to safer proportions.

There are some who want to see but realise that they have to give up looking at some other things if they are to see what they really desire; they try and hold on to everything and, struggling to focus, something dies in them.

Then there are those willing to pay the price of seeing more and give expression to what their imaginations give birth to.

They change the lives of others and in some small way, make the world more beautiful:

Great artists help people look at their lives with fresh eyes and a sense of possibility.^

They are dreamwhisperers who awaken hope. They connect meaning to action. They craft narratives that release human energy. They make new maps that guide us into places where there are no paths.**

(*Bill Cunningham, quoted in Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)
(**From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire – eBook version. I am grateful to my friend Alex who describes dreamwhispering better than I do.)
(^From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)

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