Where haven’t you looked yet?

getting what we currently want can make us blind to higher callings*
(Jordan Peterson)

Is it good? Really good? Do you like it? You can also focus on what work does that can’t be measured. What it does to your soul.**
(Austin Kleon)

Whatever you’re focused on means you’re not seeing something else.

If you’ve been focusing on it for a while, it means other things have been neglected for some time.

There’ll come a point when the things you’ve been neglecting are exactly the tools you need right now for the challenge or opportunity (sometimes the same thing) standing before you.

You can despair, believing you’ve missed what you realise you’ve been looking for, just in the wrong places, or you can take a deep breath, embrace the fact that this is going to take a little longer, and take a slow, long look in the places you haven’t looked before.

(*From Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rule for Life.)
(**From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going.)

2 thoughts on “Where haven’t you looked yet?

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tiffany. By the way, I see you have an event coming up next week. I hope this goes brilliantly.

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