What is it that is eternal: the primal phenomenon, present in the here and now, of what we call revelation? It is man’s emerging from the moment of the supreme encounter, being no longer the same as he was when entering into it. The moment of encounter is not a “living experience” that stirs in the receptive soul and blissfully rounds itself out: something happens to man.*
(Martin Buber)

Once upon a time there were commodities.

Over time we saw all the different things that could be made from these commodities and we created goods. Lots of goods.

As goods became more complicated they needed to be serviced.

More time passed and we saw how these interactions with goods and services could be more enriching and we made them into experiences.

After a good experience in a moment and hour or a day, we saw how these experiences could be extended over time if they became transformative.

The encounters we have with people can make the same journey.

(*From Martin Buber’s I and Thou.)

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