I have it all and I have it now

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.*
(Jesus of Nazerath)

I must know that I am, at least in part, the very thing I am seeking.**
(Richard Rohr)

Meekness allows us to understand how just privileged we are.

As far as we know, no creature quite like us in our galaxy, in terms of consciousness, to be curious, to explore, to understand, to create:

The purpose of life is to see.^

If only we could see this for one another, if only we could see it for our planet on in which thirty species disappear every day, often because of our need to possess, but only those who know they can never possess this kind of richness are able to inherit it.

Here’s an adjacent blog out of reflecting the nature of meekness:

I recently received an email asking, if I wouldn’t be make a particular date for providing a dreamwhispering session for a group of law students, whether I knew of anyone else who could lead this. I’m trying to think of someone else but basically this is what I have shaped and offer.

Meekness is not an emptiness but the producer of great nuance and variation, and when we recognise this in ourselves (and in others) and turn our attention towards its development, we bring something original into being:

We become original through practise.^^

(*Matthew 5:5)
(**From Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(^Jack Turner, quoted in Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)
(^From Seth Godin’s blog: Two kinds of practice.)

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