An unfair advantage?

(Seth Godin)

Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.**
(Brené Brown)

I try to carry within me the five elemental truths:^ Life is hard; I am not as special as I think; My life is not about me; I am not in control, and, I am going to die.

They help me towards a true perspective of myself and others: a source, then for humility:

We see leaders who are driven by hubris and narcissism often forget about who came before.^^

We all benefit today from those who have gone before. None of us have started from scratch in that sense. And somewhere in each of our personal and systems histories there’ll be people of humility who’ve shaped our better future.

Anything other than humility – meaning, a true rather than a false sense of who we are and who others are – is a shortcut, and a dangerous one.

As Brené Brown’s opening words remind me, humility doesn’t have to be boring. Far from it. We get to shape a different future.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: The unfair advantage.)
(**From Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness.)
(^From Richard Rohr’s Adam’ Return.)
(^^From gapingvoid’s blog: Memories are meaning.)

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