Welcome to Protopia

Protopia is a state of becoming, rather than a destination. It is a process. […] This subtle progress is not dramatic, not exciting. It is easy to miss because a protozoa generates almost as many new problems as new benefits. […] It is a process that is constantly changing how other things change, and, changing itself, is mutating and growing. It’s difficult to cheer for a soft process that is shape-shifting. But it is important to see. […] We are constantly surprised by things that have been happening for 20 years or longer.*
(Kevin Kelly)

[George Eliot] believed that the most essential element of human nature was its malleability, the way each of us can “will ourselves to change.”‘**
(Jonah Lehrer)

For me, a dreamwhisperer, protopia as a state of becoming is rich with possibilities for what we can expect throughout our lives:

Lifelong learning is the mindset of possibility. It is built on the idea that we can grow if we simply show up, ready to learn.^

It’s simply the best place to reinvent ourselves as we must – the world constantly changing around us.

I have met those who hope for some change in their lives, change that is both dramatic and fast, but the process must be slow. As Kevin Kelly points out, it brings new problems as well as solutions.

These problems are important, though, because they often are where we can grow the most.

(*From Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable.)
(**From Jonah Lehrer’s Proust was a Neuroscientist.)
(^From Seth Godin’s blog:
Lifelong connection.)

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