Maintain course

Life is ambiguous. There are loose ends. It takes maturity to live with the ambiguity and the chaos, the absurdity and untidiness.*
(Eugene Peterson)

nothing is fixed. Everything is becoming. […] Everything, without exception, requires additional energy and order to maintain itself. […] Existence, it seems, is chiefly maintenence.**
(Kevin Kelly)

Without maintenance, what we are becoming is worn out or redundant within what is – I borrow Ursula Le Guin’s phrase (note the hyphens):

a long-drawn-out death.^

It is the way of a material universe. What we are all capable of, however, is bringing curiosity and imagination and creativity to what is inevitable, slowing down or even reversing the process in some regards, making it one heck of a journey:

Being invited to the dance that is humanity, that is what we’re here for.’^^

Keep dancing, learning new steps, finding new partners, listening to new music. Such things are, according to Maureen O’Hara and Graham Leicester, what people who are competently fit for the 21st century look like:

In a disciplines yet engaging way they are always pushing boundaries, including their own. They dance at the edge.’*^

When we maintain ourselves, we make it possible for others to maintain themselves. We will always, then, bring to others a necessary asymmetry, an adjunct thought or possibility, something not expected, with which we can roll or reject, though I suspect that life is found in the roll.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**From Kevin Kelly’s
The Inevitable.)
(^From Ursula Le Guin’s
Words Are My Matter.)
(^^From gapingvoid’s blog:
Love is the new metric.)
(*^From Maureen O’Hara and Graham Leicester’s
Dancing at the Edge.)

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