I don’t think I’m alone

The second [route] is to fall in step with a teacher, briefly or forever, a real teacher who makes it clear that even as he or she points to the moon, we have to stop staring at the person’s fingers. […] Every one of us sometimes needs a tour guide to remind us how big and deep life is meant to be.*
(Anne Lamott)

I listen to many people talking about the things that matter to them and how they want to make a difference.

I am both wowed by the things they share and wonder whether they will make it. Specifically, will they find the ways and means, and the people they need to realise their hopes.

Seth Godin remarks on doing work that matters:

‘It might be a more difficult route, but it’s worth it.’**

He goes on to share the importance of finding others towards doing the work that matters to us:

‘And it involves surrounding yourself with people in a similar journey.’**

Some will journey with us throughout our lives, others we’ll meet and walk with for a time. Some, we’ll connect with face-to-face, others via technology, including the old technology of books.

That I need others to help me towards my meaningful work, I do not doubt. I’m going to be connecting with a couple of my guides today; we may be in Sacramento, Detroit and Edinburgh but we’re going to make it happen. I’ll be sitting with them, via technology, with a notebook open and a pencil in my hand.

(*From Anne Lamott’s Hallelujah Anyway.)
(**Grom Seth Godin’s blog: Where are you headed?)

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