Based on a true story …

Story is metaphor for life.  You must transform day-to-day living into a work of art. This is not achieved by recounting events verbatim.*
(Robert McKee)

I had to invent the exchange between the researchers to say something true.**
(Annie Pirrie)

Stories are not about telling the truth so much as ways of portraying the truth. They are also how we create truth.

They can be full of truths but then are arranged in a way that is, perhaps, not chronologically true, or certain things weren’t said exactly that way, but what we’re trying to do is create a greater truth – something meaningful we want to bring into being, a story we want to live.

When I read these words from Joseph Campbell, I made a note about how perhaps stories are about eternity and facts are about time, and we are more than time:

‘The tick-tick-tick of times shuts out eternity. We live in this field of time. But what is reflected in this field is an eternal principle made manifest.’^

Story provides with a means of being more than the sum of our lives so far.

(*From Robert McKee’s blog: Fact Vs. Fiction: How to satisfy your audience.)
(**From Anne Pirrie’s Virtue and the Quiet Art of Scholarship.)
(^From Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth.)

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