Restoring, guiding, comforting

Bernadette Jiwa asks, ‘Can you describe your company in three words?’*

How about your life? Three words to keep you on track, to open up a space of possibilities?

A word can convey a journey from something as well as to something. Where three words intersect is a powerful place within space and time.

When we stay focused through the story these words tell we bring something no-one else can:

‘No matter your chosen medium, remember this: it will take you ten years to master your art. Ten years of unforgiving, relentless and thankless work, dawn until dusk.’**

On the other side of this – though, really, it’s ongoing – is something quite remarkable.

The three words of the title are some I came across as I was reading this morning. They each describe the journey I mentioned from something to something. Imagine being not he receiving end of a life lived in this way; imagine what you want to bring into being and give as a result.

What are your three words?

(*From The Story of Telling: Tell Me About Your Company.)
(**From Robert McKee’s email: The Story of a Writer: Part 3

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