Habits of creativity

There is some effort, apparently, to try and centre one’s life with the centre of the universe […].*
(Bill Moyers)

What does the world need most […] that we are uniquely able to provide?**
(Warren Berger)

Some believe we overuse the word creativity.

I believe we need to look more closely at what we mean, especially at how we sustain this – our habits of creativity.

Creativity means imagining what does not exist and bringing it into being.  Because we are each curious about something different, talented in different ways, creativity is very diverse.  There’s never been an age quite like ours for being able to find some way of expressing ourselves.

This can both mean there’s a load of tosh about as well as valuable creativity.

Around what it is we want to bring into being there needs to be patterns of habits that make it possible.  It won’t be just one or two habits but a creative mesh of habits that hold us to what we want to bring into being and to be able to do this in a sustainable and expansive way.

Taking some time to identify these in order to develop and hone them is in itself an expression of our creativity.

(*Bill Moyers, from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers’ The Power of Myth.)
(**From Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)

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