Everyone can play

It comes to this, that poetry is a part of the structure of reality.  If this has been demonstrated, it pretty much amounts to saying that the structure of poetry and the structure of reality are one, or should be.*
(Wallace Stevens)

Great art is able to display and discuss the central area of our reality, our actual consciousness, in a more exact way than science or even philosophy can.**
(Iris Murdoch)

When Wallace Stevens places poetry and reality together, he takes me to Johan Huizinga writing about playfulness and poetry, and how playfulness and seriousness are one.

When he goes on to write:

‘the humble are they that move about the world with the lure of the real in their hearts,’*

he is saying to me that everyone gets to play.

It may not be poetry for us  but that doesn’t matter – poetry is not the doorway, humility is.

We each can be humble and chose our playfulness.

(*From Wallace Stevens The Necessary Angel.)
(**Iris Murdoch, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Salvation by Words.)

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