Roll up, roll up

It’s the greatest show on earth and I am grateful to those who help me to see the magic and the material: Rebecca Solnit, Annie Dillard, Alex McManus, Alan Lightman, John O’Donohue, Terry Tempest Williams, Maria Popova, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, to name a few.

Lightman lives up to his name as he casts light on the wonder we find in the material world:

‘As did Thoreau in Concord, I’ve travelled far and wide on Lute Island.  I know each cedar and poplar, each clump of beach rose, Rosa rugosa, each patch of blueberry bushes and raspberry brambles and woody stems of hydrangeas, all the soft mounds of moss, some of which I touch on my ramblings today.  The tart scent of raspberries blends with the salty sea air.  Early this morning, a fog enveloped the island so completely that I felt as if I were in a spaceship afloat in outer space – white space.  But the surreal fog, made of minuscule water droplets too tiny to see, eventually evaporated and disappeared.  It’s all material, even the magical fog – like the bioluminescence I first saw as a child.  It’s all molecules and atoms. […] It’s a paradox.’*

In the paradox I sense an invitation to the greatest show on earth, in the universe even.

The most wonderful story.

Beyond showing up …

doing what is expected of us …

ignoring the unnecessary …

passing on the opportunities.

Instead, to enter the paradox.

(*From Alan Lightman’s Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine.)

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