The Thin|Silence store

Here are some of the Thin|Silence products available right now


The only colouring book with online content to amplify the 45 illustrations promising many hours of relaxed colouring.  Click on the image to order: £4.99 plus postage and packing.


A ribbon of colour joins heaven and earth with the names of an awaited special child.  Click on the image to order: £2.99 plus postage and packing for five cards an envelopes.


This is a riot of colour in a very limited edition tea towel that aims to get across what you feel for the person you’re giving it to.  Drop me a line at to reserve yours: £10 plus postage and packing.


A journey of conversations that has the potential to radically change your life, exploring your talents and dreams and experiences towards shaping your future.  There’s a basic dreamwhispering experience of five conversations but you can shape your experience in whatever way you want, including single sessions.  Drop me a line at to find out more.


The Story Wall is an illustrated way for an individual, group or organisation to capture what matters most of all to them and to have a visual reminder towards living each day in these ways.  A “wall” may comprise a number of images designed in a reflective process for actually covering a wall or simply be a framed artwork containing the multiple images.  Drop me a line at to find out more.


Visual Scribing allows your organisation to capture the significant and salient points of a conference, workshop, seminar or session in a visual way, making it possible to engage in these in a more accessible way.  Drop me a line at to find out more.


You can commission any artwork you want.  Recently, Thin|Silence has produced designs for signs, aprons, annual financial reports, university booklets and even boxes of mints for marketing.

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