The vivific life

Life’s beauty: the kindest act toward you in life may come from an outsider not interested in reciprocation.*
(Nassim Taleb)

You are the product of your changing environment.**
(Ben Hardy)

The dictionary definition of a callous is hard skin caused by friction.

There’s a lot of friction in life and friction with the wrong kind of environment can leave us protecting ourselves, but also more hardened to the possibilities of changing, developing and growing.

There’s another kind ofd callous.  The one formed by practising the thing we love, able to press further, with a finer touch, into what it is that is important to us.

Now we want to be lifelong learners, we find ourselves noticing larger energies in our lives, we are willing to try something different.

To open our minds, our hearts and our wills is this way is an act of love:

‘The process itself is a volitional act of love, enabling new realities.’^

What Joseph Jaworski is saying here about the volitional nature of the journey we make into more is important.  We cannot be made to take this journey.  Another cannot make the for us – hopefully they are making their own.

The critical thing about these two forms of callous is the environments.  One is painful, the other hard but delightful.

Change your environment and you will find yourself changing.

Read some thoughts you have been closed to – opening your mind begins to change your environment.

Notice what is is that really interest you in this – opening your heart changes the environment from one of new information to one of new energy.

Think of some small action you can try out – opening your will changes the environment from one of potential energy to kinetic energy.

(*From Nassim Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes.)
(**From Benjamin Hardy’s Willpower Doesn’t Work.)
(^From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)

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