The night is large and full of wonders*

That’s how you are going to fix the world – with your own gifts and talents.**

I have just read of three people with different missions.

Colin Kaepernick is the American footballer who wants to bring attention to racial injustice and is the face on Nike’s controversial advertising campaign, an embodiment of the campaign’s slogan:

“Believe in something.  Even if it means sacrificing everything.”^

Tim DeChristopher is an environmental activist who, in 2008, became Bidder 70 in Utah’s Bureau of Land Management land auction, purchasing 22,500 acres for a price tag of $1.8 million against the fracking companies (he didn’t have the money):

‘He had successfully interrupted the auction.  In a brave and imaginative act of civil disobedience, one your man with a love of wilderness and a message from his generation on how fossil fuels are contributing to climate can change, thus robbing them of a lovable future, not only exposed the cosy relationship between industry and government, but challenged it.’^^

Evelyn Glennie shares in a TEDtalk of her life-goal:

My aim is to teach the world to listen.’*^

Three quite different and meaningful missions towards a better world.

This better world will not arrive by one big-all-encompassing mission or purpose but by thousands upon thousands of small and meaningful ones, like yours.

In our night, these are the many wonders.

(*Lord Dunsany, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer)
(**Ken Sleight, quoted in Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)
(^Quoted in Bernadette Jiwa’s blog: Making Sense of Nike’s Controversial A Campaign.)
(^^From Terry Tempest Williams’ The Hour of Land.)
(*^From Evelyn Glennie’s Tedtalk: How to Truly Listen.)

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