The unbreakable thread

Rumbling with our story and owning our truth in order to write a more courageous ending transforms who we are and how we engage with the world.*
(Brené Brown)

Sometimes we look for great wealth to save us, a great power to save us, or great ideas to save us, when all we need is that piece of string.**
(Bill Moyers)

It was Ariadne who gave to her lover Theseus a ball of thread so he could enter and return from Daedalus’ labyrinth.

Yesterday, I was taking part in a storytelling workshop and it struck me that we were given a ball of thread in the form of writing.   We were able to enter our personal stories, gain something we needed and to return by writing them out.   I am grateful to have been a part of this and hearing people’s astonishing tales.

One form of story writing is personal daily journaling, making it possible to enter into the past, present and future stories of our lives as the protagonist and not the victim.

I do this with many trustworthy guides to strengthen the thread – Seth Godin, Alex and Erwin McManus, Brené Brown, Keri Smith, Elle Luna, Hugh Macleod and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi are a few of mine.  You will have your own.  Find the right ones, the ones who open a bright future rather than leave you submerged in the past and the present, gather them around you when you open your journal, pick up your pen and begin to write the adventure.

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