A consumerist system creates a belief in the “scarcity within,” the belief that we need material goods to invoke the imagination, that we are incapable of constructing our own lives out of whatever we have at our disposal than only others can provide us with the things needed to live.*
(Keri Smith)

This is about “being.”  To know who we are and that we have all we need to begin.

The questions Who am I? and What is my contribution? help us to find our being.

One way of doing this is to see the picture that develops when you look closely at your values, talents, dreams, and notice when you are most energised and de-energised.  Although this may look as thought it’s very ego-centric, it’s the opposite.

By doing this, we’re asking questions of others: Who are you? and What is your contribution?

Now it’s becoming really interesting because we can push on into further questions which touch on what we might term as “interbeingness.”

We may be able to ask Who are we? and What is our contribution?

Imagine where you might be today if you’d been able to begin this journey a year ago?

Here’s looking to the 11th June 2019 and another opportunity.

(*From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society.)

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