Messy learning

We persevere in the confidence that we ourselves are being transformed.  Perseverance produces character, and character hope.  And hope, we will discover is the ultimate gift gained in wisdom.*
(Erwin McManus)

Workers learn more in the coffee room than in the classroom.  They discover how to do their jobs though informal learning: talking observing others, trial and error, and simply working with people in the know.  Formal learning – classrooms and workshops – is the source of only 10 to 20 percent of what people learn at work.**

When we fail and mess up it doesn’t mean we’re failures.

But it can mean we’re learning.

The kind of learning that flows through us, changes us at a fundamental level, attunes us to what is happening around us, to where we have come from and where we are headed:

‘There, there, he said.  The new universe is not all suffering and ssadness.  There is much happiness in the thing.  There is joy, and there is music, and there is spirit.  Yes, I said, all these things.  It is a beautiful universe.’^

(*From Erwin McManus’ Uprising.)
(**From Jay Cross’ Informal Learning.)
(^From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)

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