Knowledge, stories and paradigms

I have a problem.  What I know becomes a filter to what you know.  

I can end up thinking that what I know is more valuable than what you know because it’s wrapped in my stories but I do not see your stories.

Knowledge wrapped in stories produces my paradigm, my worldview – and a worldview is hard to displace.

What we need are new stories we can create and own together around what we know.  Our understanding is that we are living in a world – intra-, inter- and extra-personal – that is far more complex than it is complicated.  New ways of knowing are needed, new ways of finding answers being required of us.  (I also anticipate that the visual will be an important part of this, images helping different worlds to come together when words struggle.) 

If I think I have the answer, I don’t.  I am trying to live my way into the answer, though, and I think I need your help in this.

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