Attention, everyone

But with everybody so busy these days, who has time for thinking? […]  In a world where most people spend their days rushing around, to have the time and space to actually think properly, at a deep enough level to where you’re actually solving real problems; is for real people, one of the great privileges of the western world.*
(Hugh Macleod)

Most people have no idea how to generate Attention like this.  Most people think about listening as linear.  They think that listening is lined up waiting, waiting to speak. […] Most people miss the creator.  Most people miss the ignition that is inside the listening.’**

To slow down, to notice more, to listen deeply, to think deeply.  All of these are enhanced by the visual.

Forget the arguments about not being able to draw.  We are visual creatures living in an increasingly visual-information world, and everyone can include shapes and images alongside words – the building blocks for being a visual thinker, creating:

‘an incubation formula where art and science co-exist’.^

Time to visualise the future.

(*From gapingvoid’s blog: Where ideas are born.)
(**From Nancy Kline’s More Time to Think.)
(^Misha Mercer, from Drawn Together Through Visual Practice.)

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