The narrow way and the broad way

What does work?  Finding something you love and making it your life.*
(Hugh Macleod)

Certainly [Philip Dick] struggled with the market’s demand for low standards and incessant production; but he kept on seeking his own vein, finding it, mining it deeper, till he hit the mother lode with The Man in the High Castle.**
(Ursula Le Guin)

Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate in York points out to me that small streets don’t have to have small names.  Whitnourwhatnourgate, as it was named in Anglo Saxon, means “neither one thing, nor the other.”

This is a broad way.  It’s easy to find, easy to walk along, never too demanding, and never as satisfying as we thought it would be.

The narrow way doesn’t present itself in such appealing ways.  Its entrance is as small as a curiosity we have to squeeze through, opening slowly into a slightly larger space we are interested in, before it begins to open more and more into a way we can walk into and love.

Then something astonishing happens.  Often when the hard work causes us to question the path we’ve taken.  This narrow way leads into something bigger, richer, deeper.  This narrow way is the best way for knowing who we are and what our contribution is, for knowing others, and for knowing our world and universe.

(*Hugh Macleod from a gapingvoid blog I am unable to trace.)
(**From Ursula Le Guin’s Words Are My Matter.)


Recently, these three Thin|Silence canvases were auctioned in support of EducAid, an educational charity working in Sierra Leone.  I have offered two more canvases to further support EducAid.  A 40×30 inch canvas for £100 chosen from the images in my colouring book Slow Journeys in the Same Direction which will be coloured in.  Or a 24×24 inch canvas selected from my Thin|Silence blog, including these from a series on heartedness.

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