The noticers

“As acceleration accelerates, individuals, societies, economies, and even the environment approach meltdown.”*
(Mark Taylor)

‘Listening is such an underrated activity.  In fact it is deeply subversive.  Because when we listen deeply, we take in the voice of the other.’**
(John O’Donohue)

Whilst change is happening faster, whilst we advance and move on and increase, the human species shows great capacity for adaptability and finding coping methods.  What we’re not so good at is noticing what we are adapting into, where our coping methods are leading us.  For this, we’ll need to create spaces in which we are able to notice more.  There are many because we are very inventive: a walk, a room, a view, a bench, in music, in silence, in reading … but a place we are able to figure out three things:

What needs breaking – as in, what we need to get rid of;
What needs fixing – as in, what we keep and can make work better; and,
What needs making – as in, in terms of what do we need to begin.

Without a space to notice, it’s difficult to know which is which.

(*Mark Taylor, quoted and Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber’s The Slow Professor.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)

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