‘Profluence, in brief, is about flow.  It means movement, tension, propulsion, unexpected twists, and resolution.  All good stories whether narrative or documentary, are profluent because they create an experience of starting somewhere, and by the end of the story we arrive somewhere else.  We are moved.  Profluence is the narrative connective tissue that transforms moments into scenes, scenes into stories, and stories into connections.’*
(Anthony Weeks)

RecogniseD or not, each of us lives our life within a story.

We can continue in this story or we can change it for another.  Story is powerful, a way of understanding ourselves and the world around us.  The most powerful stories are transcendent – this is really that – and therefore transformative.  As Kosuke Koyama encourages us to see:

‘Beauty is beautiful when it makes non-beautiful beautiful.  Rich is rich when it makes poor rich.’**

Story moves us from functional life to artistic life.

(*Anthony Weeks, from Drawn Together by Visual Practice.)
(**From Kosuke Koyama’s Three Mile an Hour God.)

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